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Money Can
Be Complicated.

Let Long Pay Make It Simple!
Download Long Pay - Google Play
Download Long Pay - Direct Link
Download Long Pay - Apple Store


Connect Bank Accounts

Move funds between Long Pay and your bank accounts for easier and faster access to your money

  • Transfer money between Long Pay accounts and supported banks
  • Transfer money in real time between accounts of Long Pay

E-Wallet on your phone

Leave your wallet home and pay with your phone at supported merchants 


  • Scan QR code to make a payment
  • Transfer between Long Pay accounts in real-time 
  • All transaction records at a glance

Merchant support

Sign up to receive payments with Long Pay App to make your work easier and money safer


  • Receive payment with QR codes
  • Integrating to your retailer system
  • Cashless means safer
key features

Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

We hired top security team to defend our systems and your money against advanced threats and targeted attacks – assisted by our world-leading security intelligence.

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